Dear Members,

We are forwarding the attached circular from the Director General’s Office on ‘Pemakluman Arahan Pemantauan di Rumah (Home Monitoring) bagi Kes COVID-19 Kategori 1 dan Kategori 2 (Ringan) oleh Pengamal Perubatan Swasta’, for your kind attention.

This circular is to inform that home monitoring can be done by all the General Practitioners (GPs) (not necessarily gazatted), for all patients.

Through this circular, the following are revoked:

1. ‘Aku Janji’ Form

2. E-Certificate of the Bahagian Pembangunan Kesihatan Keluarga (BPKK) Briefing

3. E-Certificate COVID-19 Clinical Online Module (however, it is highly recommended for the GPs to attend the COVID-19 online training)

Please be informed that only one registration form needs to be filled and returned by the GPs to the nearest PKD. The soft copy of the ‘reten’ link shall be obtained from the PKD (for all GPs who are doing home monitoring).

We encourage the GPs to participate in this programme while waiting for a centralised home monitoring system that a GP can enter the data instead of emailing to the PKDs which was proposed by MMA to the MOH. GPs involvement will surely help to reduce Brought In-Death (BID) cases.

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Thank you.

Dr Thirunavukarasu Rajoo
Honorary General Secretary
Malaysian Medical Association